About us

The Clinique CIC Valais is the second clinic of the CIC Groupe Santé network. Multidisciplinary surgical center, the Clinique CIC Riviera is a Swiss "new generation" clinic based on two strong principles:

  • to guarantee quality care for all, regardless of the insurance coverage
  • to foster contact with patients by welcoming them into a structure with a human face

Clinique CIC Valais


Global patient care

The Clinique CIC Riviera offers complete and personalized patient care from the first consultation to rehabilitation.

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Optimal comfort

Our teams make every effort to welcome our patients in the best conditions and to ensure them a pleasant stay.

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Areas of expertise

Doctors & surgeons

Our doctors and surgeons have extensive experience in many medical and surgical fields and use their various skills to deliver quality medical care.

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Advanced surgical techniques

Equipped with the latest generation surgical infrastructures, our medical teams practice advanced techniques to deliver optimal care and treatment in a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment.

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